Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ecwid Basics
    • What is Ecwid?
      Ecwid (pronounced eck-wid) is a shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website, blog, or social page. It can be added to your site, website builders (Joomla, WordPress, etc), social media networks (Facebook, Tumblr, etc), and is packed with easy-to-use features. With no setup charges or transaction fees, Ecwid is a low-cost, high-return solution for your e-commerce business.
    • Why do I need Ecwid?
      If you sell items online, Ecwid helps you set up a professional online store, make checkout safe and easy, sell more items, and track your sales. You can quickly integrate Ecwid into your site with a few simple lines of code, and Ecwid makes it easy to add to your Facebook or Joomla store, change the design to match your site, and start selling right away. Sign up today
    • How much does Ecwid cost?
      Our 4 account types vary by number of products, types of functionality, and level of support. For more information, check out our pricing page.  
      Free - Up to 10 products
      Venture - $15/month 
      Business  - $35/month 
      Unlimited - $99/month 
      You can also save money by enrolling in our annual plans
    • What are your partnership programs all about?
      We have two different partnership programs. 

      Our Channel Partnership program lets you easily integrate Ecwid into your existing products or services. Contact us for more information. 

      Our WebPartner program lets anyone who builds websites sign up to receive revenue share for paying customers referred to Ecwid.
  • Customize Your Store
    • What design elements in my Ecwid store can I change?
      Ecwid allows you to change CSS styles of customer storefront, including colors, fonts, margins, and images. This helps your integrated Ecwid store match the design of your site completely.
      HTML is not available for editing, that is you can’t change the interface logic (how Ecwid behaves). We believe that most HTML changes people do are outside of Ecwid boundaries.
      Ecwid does not need those "change header HTML / change footer HTML" functionality. The site owner can change the layout of the whole site. And CSS capabilities within Ecwid are more than enough for you to make Ecwid look as an integral part of your site.
      In most cases, you won't have to edit anything, not even the CSS. Just pick one of the pre-defined schemes. Ecwid is designed to fit well in most sites. 
      If you’d like to change some elements in your store, our FAQs will guide you through this process and give you many ready-to-use solutions.
    • Is Ecwid available in other languages? Can my store be translated?
      Yes. Ecwid detects your customer’s language and translates the pages. This is available in over 45 languages: 
      • Albanian, Basque, Belarusian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German , Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Marathi, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh
      You can check out how this translation works in our demo store. Just choose the language you want at the bottom of the page. 
    • Do you offer help to design my Ecwid store?
      Ecwid Design Integration Service, offered by our friends at Qualiteam, will help adapt your online store to the design of your current website. 
  • Technical Reference
    • Can I add code to Ecwid? Do you have an API?
      Yes. Ecwid has 6 APIs, so feel free to use them. Developers can extend Ecwid functionality with modules and submit them to our Connect directory. For details and technical reference, check out our articles about API.
    • Who can use your APIs?
      APIs are only available for Venture, Business, and Unlimited accounts. Upgrade today.
    • Does Ecwid comply with PCI/PA DSS standards?
      It doesn’t have to. These standards apply to systems that transmit, process or store credit card information. Ecwid uses third party payment systems, like Paypal, Authorize.NET, 2CheckOut, etc. to process credit cards. Even if you use onsite card processing payment modules like PayPal Payflow Link or e-Path, your Ecwid store automatically meets PCI standards because those payment gateways handle all the data security on their side. We only partner with PCI DSS compliant providers.
  • Add Ecwid to Your Site
    • How do I add Ecwid to my site?

      Ecwid an embeddable solution: one can add Ecwid widgets and launch a fully-feature online store on any site or blog or social page that allows adding/embedding HTML/JavaScript code. Setup steps are as simple as adding youtube code.

      • Create a free Ecwid account at
      • Get the integration code from the "Dashboard" page.
      • Insert it to your site or blog.

      Here is a video tutorial describing the first steps:

    • Where can I embed Ecwid?
      Ecwid can be integrated into any site, blog, or social page. Or in several places at the same time: Ecwid is a wonderful solution to open various selling channels for your business.
      Facebook, Joomla,, Wix, etc - these are most popular platforms or site-builders who offer in-built plugins for Ecwid. You will find setup instruction for many site platforms in our help center.
      If you have a custom web site, you can embed Ecwid there as well. It is possible to add Ecwid to any site that allows adding/embedding HTML/JavaScript code. All you need is to:
      • Create an Ecwid free account at
      • Get the integration code from the "Dashboard" page in your Ecwid control panel.
      • Insert it to your site or blog.
      Here is a video tutorial describing the first steps:
    • Do I need a store on the site to open a Facebook store with Ecwid?
      No, Ecwid does not require you to have a store on the website in order to run the store on Facebook. You don't even have to have a website. To open Ecwid store on Facebook, you need to add our official plugin on your Facebook page. Please check out this article to learn more: Facebook
      If you want to run your store on a website too, you are able to install the same Ecwid store both on Facebook and on unlimited number of websites you might have - Ecwid will work everywhere at the same time, all your storefronts will be synced in your Ecwid control panel.
    • What requirements does Ecwid have for hosting?
      Ecwid is SaaS solution (stands for Software as a Service). In short, it means that your Ecwid shop and all its data is stored and processed on our servers, i.e., outside your website. Ecwid does not use the capabilities of the server where your site is hosted. 

      The main advantage of this approach is that all software updates/upgrades/fixes are delivered automatically to your Ecwid by our team, the security of your data is also our major daily concern and handled by us. Thus you do not have to even think about it. Just manage your store and sell!

      So you should choose a hosting based on the requirements of your site engine.
  • Manage Your Ecwid Store
    • How will I receive payments from my customers?
      Ecwid provides several ways to process payments. You can setup your Ecwid store to receive online payments like PayPal and/or credit cards (through various payment processors) as well as simply arrange the payment offsite. Check out this topic explaining this question in detail: Payment Options


    • Can I set the tax rate for a certain area or state?
      Yes. You can assign a tax rate for a country, state, or ZIP code. When a customer checks out, we automatically apply the tax rate from their billing or mailing address. If you have multiple states or countries with the same tax rate, you can create a destination zone for that rate. 
    • Can I have different combinations for the same product?
      Yes. You can set different combinations for each product (size, color, etc), and assign a different image/price/SKU/quantity/low stock notification for each. Learn more about product combinations in this article.
    • How to add welcome text to store landing page

      You can easily add any of welcome text or banners, tell customers about store's special offer and news using root category description.

      In order to do this just go to Ecwid control panel -> Catalog -> Categories and choose "Store" category in the categories list on the left. Find "Description" field on the right side and add any text or images that should be shown on the home page of your site. How can I set category description

      That's it. Your welcome text is shown on the your store home page:

    • Brasil Correios

      Correios is a popular Brazillian shipping carrier who offers online delivery rates for e-stores. If you have Brazilian customer or run Ecwid shop in Brazil, this shipping method will be of great use for you.

      How to set up

      To setup your Ecwid shop to receive Correios rates, follow the below steps:

      1. In Ecwid control panel go to System Settings → Shipping.

      When you're adding a new shipping method, under "Select how you calculate shipping?" select Carrier-calculated and then choose Brasil Correios.

      2. Click on Account Details link to configure the shipping method. Ecwid offers you two options to use online rates from Correios:

      Use our default account (easy and fast way)

      Your Ecwid shop will be connected to Correios through our Correios merchant account. Choose this option if you want to start getting Correios rates right away. 

      Click Settings to unfold additional settings for this shipping method: 

      • Packaging Type
      • parcel dimensions
      • Additional Shipping services: Restrict delivery and Signature Confirmation

      Use your own shipping account (advanced way)

      If you already have a merchant account with Correios, you should enable this option. Also we recommend choosing it, if you would like to receive more rates and services that can be available for personal merchant account.

      In order to get live Correios rates from your Correios account, you have to register at Correios first:

       After the registration, you will be able to get an Account ID. Submit this ID and your password into the "Settings" form at "Account Details".

      Choose additional settings for this shipping method: 

      • Packaging Type
      • parcel dimensions
      • Additional Shipping services: Restrict delivery and Signature Confirmation

      You can test the shipping method by pressing "Test" button.  If the settings are correct, the test will return 'Test succeeded'.

      NOTE: Brasil Correios calculates rates online only for domestic shipping services. To set up Brasil Correios rates for international shipping, please create a separate shipping method based on weight or subtotal.